• 40 mg caffeine

    A cup of coffee in your pocket? Yep, our energy gum makes it possible! Each gum contains 40 mg of caffeine. Need even more energy? Feel free to take two!

  • Sugarfree

    First Energy Gum is 100% vegan and free of sugar, fat and gluten. So you can enjoy the caffeine boost without guilt!

  • Absorption within 10 minutes

    Did you know that caffeine is absorbed fastest through the cheek mucosa in the mouth? It seems that your mouth is a sort of "highway" for caffeine!

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What do you receive?

You will receive a sample bag with 3 gums of the FIRST Red Mint as well as the FIRST Blue Mint! Our Red Mint has a filling with a hint of pomegranate, while Blue Mint brings about an instant mint explosion. Which is your favorite?


"I really like the current, smaller, version and yummy flavor. Both flavors, by the way! The packaging has also improved. Really helps to give you a kick!"

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