So, what is this new product that top athletes are increasingly using? What is Energy Gum? An Energy Gum is a chewing gum with caffeine and B vitamins that you use to stay more alert and improve your (sports) performance. It is something many top athletes actually use for their training and games. Why?

1. Increase your endurance.

As mentioned, caffeine is the main ingredient in Energy Gum. Sports scientists agree that caffeine increases endurance. Cyclists experienced greater power output and faster times in time trials, as multiple studies have shown.

2. Increase your motivation

Motivation? That comes mainly from yourself, doesn't it? True, but chewing Energy Gum gives you just that little push that helps you to start training. Caffeine has as a positive effect on motivation and you are more likely to get up and get to work with caffeine. Also, the workout is perceived to be better and more fun.

3. A boost against fatigue

Tests in the U.S. Army have shown that soldiers with severe fatigue who took Energy Gum were better able to keep performing their tasks than their colleagues who did not use it. Are you caving in? Take an Energy Gum.

4. Absorption is super fast

Caffeine, of course, is also an ingredient of coffee, energy drinks or special pills. Energy Gum is so effective as it is absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth. So, 99% of all caffeine is absorbed within 10 minutes. To show the difference, absorption of caffeine through energy drinks or special pills through the intestines takes longer - up to 45 minutes - and is also less effective in %. Top athletes like that speed.

5. No fast sugars

The energy spike you get from energy drinks, for example, comes from the added sugar. However, the disadvantage of fast sugars is that after this short-lived peak, you get a dip, the so-called 'sugar dip. And your energy is gone...

6. Increased energy levels and metabolism due to B vitamins

Energy Gum often contains B vitamins. These essential vitamins contribute to the body's energy metabolism and nervous system function in many different ways. Nice touch, and essential that you don't run short of these important vitamins.

Energy Gums are a keeper and for good reason. With FIRST we have developed an Energy Gum that incorporates all the positive qualities and also tastes great. Try it too!
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