Een persoon die in een bos aan het hiken is


"Keep moving!" That was pretty much the motto for the past year! Now that the measures are slowly being lifted, we happily continue moving! It has long since been proven that there are both physical and mental benefits to this. So, we set out to find the best places to go into nature.


Are you wondering what ""hiking"" really is? According to ""The Merriam-Webster dictionary,"" a hike is: a long walk especially for pleasure or exercise. We usually call it a steady walk. Below are five stunning Dutch locations to explore,. Where will you go first?

1. Veluwe

How else could we start but with the Veluwe! The scenery there is beautiful. The local height differences allow you to really challenge yourself and there are lots of different routes to choose from. Our preference is this hike of almost 11 km through the Wolfhezer woods. A challenging long route through a mysterious forest. You might even spot wild animals!


2. Schoorl Dunes

If you really want a breath of fresh air, the dunes in Schoorl are the place to be! A fresh sea breeze, the sound of the seagulls in the background, and the loose sand under your feet create a unique environment where you can forget all your worries for a while. Do you like a challenge? If so, we recommend this hike of a whopping 17 km. Don't forget to score a hot chocolate somewhere, you really deserve it after this hike ;)


3. Schiermonnikoog

Do you love wild nature, wind, and sea? Then go hiking on Schiermonnikoog! Apart from getting a good breath of fresh air, there are also many wild animals to be found and you can take long walks in a varied environment. Who knows, you might even see seals :) Since we assume that you expect a bit of a challenge, we found this route of 15 km. Then you've also seen half the island in one go. 


4. Utrechtse Heuvelrug

A walk through the woods, with height differences, and of course through beautiful nature. What more could you want? Grab that one friend and head out together for a brisk walk and/or good conversation. We found this route of 6 km which is also marked with posts, easy to follow anyway :)


5. Vaals

Last but not least, the hilly landscape of South Limburg! This is perhaps the most challenging place to hike in the Netherlands. This route is about 10 km, during which you'll cross two beautiful forests and also walk a part through rough terrain. So, feel like going on an adventure? Then put this route in your calendar.


Let's go!

Half the work is already done as you now have cool locations and routes at your disposal. The only thing standing in your way now is the motivation to go. So, pick out a suitable outfit, take an energy gum and go! We tried to find a cool route at every ""corner"" so you don't have to travel extremely far. We definitely encourage you to explore the other areas as well!

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