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  • From athletes to lawyers: everyone chews caffeine gum

  • Is chewing gum the secret behind athletes' peak performance?

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Need extra energy and focus throughout your day? FIRST helps you stay focused and gives you the extra energy you need to keep going. And because our gum is sugar-free, you don't have to worry about sugar dips. So say goodbye to sleepiness and hello to the power of FIRST!

  • With FIRST, I'm ready for all my running workouts and races! - Eva Bastmeijer

  • BNL Champions 2023 fueled by FIRST Energy Gum. - The Amsterdam Crusadors

  • I don’t like training on a full stomach. FIRST is the best pre-workout alternative for me. - Ronny

  • It is my secret weapon at every challenge. - Firefighter Kelly

  • This gum provides a handy energy boost for all my morning runs. - Lotte van Leeuwen

  • First Energy Gum contributes to my focus and keeps me energized throughout the day. - Eric Corton

  • First Energy Gum is my go-to for an instant energy boost during all my drives. - Tom Coronel

  • I use FIRST for all my long flights, it helps me to stay alert! - Koen, pilot

  • When I take FIRST, I feel like I’m flying. - Renger van der Zande

  • With First Energy Gum, I can power through workouts and stay motivated. - Henk Grol

  • I recommend First Energy Gum to anyone seeking a quick and reliable energy solution. - @thofitt

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