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First Blue Mint

First Blue Mint

31 total reviews

Sugarfree | Vegan | Absorption within 10 min

One gum contains 40 mg of caffeine.
By comparison, a cup of coffee contains between 40 and 150 mg of caffeine. One bag contains 25 gums.
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1 First Energy Gum contains:

40 mg
0 g
0 g

Product description

First Energy Gum is the superhero of the chewing gum world! Within 10 minutes, you are provided with an unbeatable energy boost that helps stay alert. Instead of a cup of coffee or energy drink, take two First Energy Gums for a sugar-free and long-lasting energy boost.

The only distinction between Red and Blue Mint is the taste. Red Mint has a filling with a hint of pomegranate, while Blue Mint immediately triggers a mint explosion. Now you may be wondering what a pomegranate tastes like!? We describe it as an energizing sensation that turns into a refreshing mint experience after a few minutes. So, if you like a colorful adventure in your mouth, choose Red Mint, but if you want to taste mint immediately, go for the cool Blue Mint with its blue filling.

Nutritional values and ingredients

Per 100 gram:

  • Energie: 665 kJ
  • Vetten: 0g
  • Koolhydraten: 68,5g
  • Waarvan suikers: 0g
  • Waarvan polyolen: 68,5g
  • Vezels: 2,84g
  • Eiwitten: 0g
  • Zout: 0g

*Polyolen zijn zoetstoffen zonder calorieën.

How to use?

Did you know that First Blue Mint works so fast, you'd almost think it had super power? 99% of the caffeine in FIRST is absorbed into the bloodstream through the cheek mucosa within 10 minutes. Therefore, you don't have to keep chewing the gum longer to feel the effect. That means you have more time to enjoy the clean energy boost and extra focus that FIRST provides. So leave that coffee and chew FIRST, the super-powerful gum that improves your day in a flash!

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Recommended amount

The effect of caffeine varies from person to person. It depends on caffeine sensitivity and body weight. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) research has shown that the effects of caffeine are noticeable from 75 mg of caffeine.

FIRST is manufactured in Europe and has been approved by the EFSA. EFSA concluded in scientific research on the safety of caffeine (2015) that an intake of up to 400 mg per day does not pose a health risk. This is consistent with the findings of the FDA, Health Canada and the Dutch Nutrition Center.

Warning: High caffeine content (1667mg/100g). Not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and persons sensitive to caffeine. Do not consume in large quantities. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

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What others think

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Eelco van Coevorden
Lekker, maar slap

De blue is een heeft een lekker frisse smaak. Ik vind wel dat de gom weinig volume heeft en hierdoor een slap kauw gevoel geeft

Elise Verhoef
Ik mis de originele!

Even wennen, lekker en het geeft even een boost... maar ik vind de originele, grote versie nog altijd de beste! Komt deze ooit nog terug?!

Gerrit Fix

Lekkere kauwgom smaak is wel na half uurtje er helaas al af.. en 1 kauwgom heb je helaas niet genoeg om gelijk of ma 10 15 minuten een boost te krijgen dan heb je zeker wel 3 4 nodig dus misschien tip om dat nog te veranderen voor de rest heerlijke kauwgom echt een tip om te kopen! Zodra de langdurige smaak en evt meer cafeïne in komt koop ik het zeker weer!