What is FIRST?

First Energy Gum is a chewing gum with 80 mg of pure caffeine and extra B-vitamins that provides you with a clean and long-lasting energy boost, more focus, and extra power within 10 minutes.

When to use FIRST

In addition to sports, FIRST also gives you extra focus and energy during other activities. The same as with coffee, you can have more than one gum per day.


Feel the extra strength and endurance.


Say goodbye to the after-lunch dip and maintain focus all day.


Enhance your reaction time and feel more concentrated.


Energy drinks and restroom breaks are a thing of the past.


Feel extra focus and long-lasting concentration.


Activate your party mode with extra energy and happiness.

How does FIRST work?

The caffeine in First Energy Gum gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in your mouth. This is the fastest way to get caffeine into your system. Energy drinks, coffee, and caffeine supplements have to go through the gastrointestinal system first, which delays their effect.

Liquid core.

FIRST isn’t the smallest chewing gum. That’s because we store 80 mg of caffeine and B-vitamins inside its liquid centre fill. This equals one energy drink or espresso but in the mere size of a gum.
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The pure energy source

The caffeine in FIRST is sourced from unroasted green coffee beans. FIRST provides you with a long-lasting and healthy energy boost, without sugar, aspartame, and gluten and it is 100% vegan.

FIRST place

FIRST has been tested extensively on several aspects. In addition to the points mentioned, FIRST scores high on health, pricing, and convenience.

"FIRST enhances my reaction time
and keeps me focussed"

Jessey Voorn
Professional basketball player

Recommended by experts

Erik Scherder
Professor Neuropsychology

Chewing has been proven to make the brain work faster. For better concentration, the advice is to chew for at least 20 minutes.

Dr. Ludidi
Intermittent fasting & nutrition expert

FIRST gives an extra physical and mental boost during the hours of fasting. This way you can still maximize your performance.

Asker Jeukendrup
Professor Sports Nutrition

The advantage of caffeine intake through energy gum is that it's absorbed faster.

Jorden Bres
Strength and conditioning coach at NOC*NSF

I recommend FIRST to all my athletes. It works great as a pre-workout before training and extra power in competition.

Frequently asked questions

First Energy Gum is a chewing gum that contains 80 mg of caffeine and B-vitamins. FIRST provides you with a clean and long-lasting energy boost, extra focus, and strength within 10 minutes.

This depends on how sensitive you are to caffeine. We advise you to take one gum at a time. You should feel the effect within 10 minutes of chewing. If not, you could take another gum.

Take FIRST when you’re in need of extra energy and focus whilst exercising, working, studying, or driving. Just like with coffee, you can have more than one gum a day.

FIRST isn’t normal chewing gum. It contains caffeine which is naturally slightly bitter. However, after the initial bite, you’ll experience a refreshing spearmint flavour.

The active ingredients in FIRST are absorbed via the mucous membranes in the mouth. This is the most efficient way of absorption, which means that 99% of the caffeine is absorbed within just 10 minutes! It is not necessary to chew any longer to feel the effect.

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