This is us!

We Are First

Mark Tuitert, Olympic champion, was always looking for ways to improve his performance during his professional sports career. He was looking for a fast-acting and healthy energy source based on caffeine for anyone who wants to get more out of their life.

He found his answer when he met Wim van Gilst and Michael Hekking in 2017. Two friends who were at the beginning of introducing energy gum to the market. Energy gum that was developed by a third friend Troy Widgery from Apollo® Liquid Core Gum Company® in Denver Colorado USA. The mutual dream of Mark, Wim, Michael and Troy to provide a clean and portable energy supplement for those in the pursuit of a healthy and productive lifestyle resulted in First Energy Gum.

Driven By Positive Energy

We don’t avoid challenges. We embrace them with the will and determination to not only become the best, but also to do this in a way that gives us joy and fullfilment. Positive energy is what keeps us going. Energy to play sports, to study, to party, to take action and to enjoy life to its fullest. First is about much more than just getting in first. It is about that road to the top. A road you take with full determination, ambition, passion and with the right people around you. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to support your physical and mental achievement by producing the best Energy Gum in the world that charges your body with immediate, clean energy.
First gives you that boost of energy when the going gets tough, to get up when you are not feeling it, to be focused when it is really needed or when you need that last push to break your personal record.
Development never stops. Every day, our team keeps on building on to and improving our product, our website and our services to always be able to supply you with new positive energy.

Mark Tuitert
Olympic Champion ice-skater/ Co-Founder First Energy Gum