FIRST Energy Gum is the perfect way to get energy without those disadvantages you get from energy drinks or coffee. Drinking is usually not an option whilst playing sports. Gum, however, you can take wherever you go and whenever you want. You have probably already read multiple of our stories on the effect of FIRST Energy Gum and the benefits in comparison with energy drinks, coffee or capsules. 


That bite

We get a lot of response to our gum’s ‘bite’. This is the bitter flavour of the caffeine in the liquid centre of our gum. This fluid will evaporate within 20 seconds and, in turn, that bitter flavour will disappear and a fresh mint flavour will develop.



Green is the new brown, talking about beans of course. Green coffee beans are immensely popular globally, and that’s no surprise! Green beans improve your metabolism because they stimulate your organs to work to their full ability, this, in turn, results in weight loss. They also have an anti-ageing effect. Due to high levels of anti-oxidants they support the immune system, work as anti-inflammatories and they optimize your arteries, blood circulation, and cholesterol levels. 


Lasting effect

It is best to take FIRST 10 minutes before a match or work-out. The energy boost can last up to 5 or 6 hours! When you feel like you need some more energy, you can always take a second gum. The effect caffeine has is different for everyone, but with FIRST Energy Gum you keep track of your own dosage very accurately.


When to use FIRST

Besides during sports, you can also use FIRST on other occasions. Do you have to study for exams? Do you need that oomph/some strength to pull you through those last hours on the road or in your office? Use FIRST for some extra energy and focus!

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