In this guest-blog by Jorden Bres, Strength & Conditioning Coach for NOC*NSF, you will read the dangers of some pre-workout shakes. With First Energy Gum we can supply you with a good alternative to get your instant and healthy energy boost.


The effects of a pre-workout 

Often times, I come by loud disclaimers and commercials for pre-workout boosters on the internet. However, a lot of the times these commercials fail to mention the negative effects of an (overdose of) pre-workout. Let’s set the record straight first; whenever you are using pre-workout, I assume you do this very consciously. Pre-workout boosters can take away a weary feeling you might feel for a short time and give you a boost before your workout. They give you the illusion that you might have more energy than you actually have. That’s why It is of the utmost importance that you listen to your body! If your body is telling you it is still tired from yesterday’s training, or that you haven’t slept well enough, or that you are going through a stressful period, then listen to that feeling. In that case, it might be wise to consider taking it easy for a bit, instead of grabbing an extra spoon of booster or a pre-workout pill.


Overexcesive use  

Whenever you have been feeling this way for a longer period of time, it might be the case that you have started to use these boosters more often because you don’t want to miss a workout, but this can have negative consequences. It will become harder and harder to make any progressions in the gym. Your adrenal glands, that, as the name suggests, produce adrenaline (a substance that makes energy) will have to start working harder. If your adrenal glands have to do this for a longer period of time, they will get wearied, as a consequence of this they may start to work less and produce a smaller amount of adrenaline.


No results 

As a result of this, your body will produce more cortisol (stress hormones). Cortisol is going to suppress the production of testosterone, which will eventually block the production of muscle and the gaining of strength. These setbacks can make you want to work-out even more, with the serious risk of overtraining. Which, I think, is something nobody really wants! Do you want to read more from or about Jorden? Take a look at his website.



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