First Energy Gum is the energy supplement for sportspeople. It's our mission to help you perform better, and we know this small caffeinated chewing gum can make a big difference! But, to succeed at that, timing is everything. Read on to find out why and when you should use FIRST to take your performance to another level. 

Ever since caffeine was taken off the doping list in 2004, professional and amateur athletes have added it to their diet again. Traditionally, the most popular caffeine source is the espresso. But, caffeinated pre-workout shakes, caffeine pills, caffeinated gels, and energy drinks are also used frequently. We say traditionally, because FIRST is the new caffeine source on the block. Here for you to use to your advantage!

FIRST is the fastest working caffeinated energy product

This isn't some bold claim, scientists have found that you absorb caffeine from a chewing gum faster. This has everything to do with the method of absorption. 

Just like a strong espresso or an energy drink, FIRST contains 80 mg caffeine. But because the caffeine in the gum is already absorbed via the mucous membranes in your mouth, and doesn't have to travel halfway through your gut, it works faster than those traditional caffeine sources. A lot faster! Within just 10 minutes of chewing, you experience the extra focus and energy needed to win. 

When should I take FIRST?

We understand that the combination of chewing gum and sports sounds unusual, but hear us out! 

You don't have to chew FIRST any longer than those 10 minutes where your body absorbs the caffeine. The long-lasting effect remains when you take the gum out, meaning you don't have to keep chewing during your competition.

How do I know to take the right amount?

This is a classic case of 'trial and error' and 'practice makes perfect'! Caffeine sensitivity really is 'a thing', and it's estimated that there's a 50/50 division between people who are sensitive versus those who aren't sensitive to caffeine. Finding your ideal dosage is a matter of personal research. If you take a gum and feel no difference, we advise you to take a second gum or combine different caffeinated products. For example, you could take a preworkout drink about an hour before your competition and take FIRST 10 minutes before you start. 

Do I have to pay attention to how much caffeine I use?

Yes, please keep in mind that you cannot use unlimited amounts of caffeine per day. The Dutch nutrition center urges you not to exceed a daily limit of 400 mg caffeine. And it's been researched and proven that when you take too much caffeine at once, it actually has a negative impact on your performance! 

Should I combine FIRST with other energy products?

Yes, because FIRST is still a supplement! It's sugar-free and contains just 2 g of carbs per gum. It's essentially a clean source of caffeine. For peak performance during your competition you also need to uptake enough carbohydrates, protein and fat to power those muscles to their max.

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