Higher amounts of repetitions during training in order to really show those abs on the beach. Does it work like that? Based on research, focusing on one muscle group with extra repetitions will not increase the fat loss in that specific area.

1. Train one leg
Test subjects who, over a period of 12 weeks, doing 3 workouts per week, trained just one leg, reached great results in muscle stamina of the trained leg but did not lose any fat in the lower body.

2. High-rep
High repetitions will not make you burn enough extra calories to increase fat loss. It is therefore smart to see weight training as a separate workout that is not focused on fat loss.

3. Caloric deficit
Create a caloric deficit in your nutrition and train using heavier weights to maintain muscles and power. For most people, this means you won’t have to change much when the goal is fat loss. Of course, you could always add a few cardio workouts.

Only adding extra repetitions in weight training will not cause an increase in fat burning. Get more out of your training with FIRST!


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