Who would’ve thought! Taking First Energy Gum helps against muscle pain, also refered to as Myalgia. Researchers from Illinois discovered this, and the results of their research has been published in the ‘International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism’. Similar results have been discovered by Taiwanese researchers who were studying the influence of caffeine on muscle ache and muscle strength.

Extensive research has already proven that caffeine can improve sports performance. Now we can add that caffeine furthers the recovery of muscle strength and reduces muscle ache to that list.

Both studies show that athletes who suffer muscle damage from intense exercise benefit from caffeine. In fact, caffeine reduces muscle soreness and promotes strength recovery. The test subjects underwent a standard test to determine their oxygen consumption. They underwent two training sessions a week apart. For the first workout they were given a placebo, for the second workout they were given three units of caffeine the strength of about three energy gums.

Less muscle pain

There appeared to be a clear difference in muscle pain in the large leg muscles when caffeine had been consumed beforehand. The interesting thing was that it did not matter if the subjects were regular coffee drinkers or didn’t drink it at all. They had the same pain reduction when they exercised after consuming coffee.

There was a time when people were advised to take less caffeine because of all kinds of adverse health effects. You’d get stressed, and it wouldn’t be good for your heart. We now know that caffeine plays a beneficial role in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and muscle pain. The latter is, of course, useful for athletes who want to reduce muscle ache where possible.  

More strength

Caffeine not only reduced muscle soreness, but it also promoted strength recovery. Athletes who took 6 mg caffeine per kilogram one or two days after exercising produced between 7 to 10% more strength than if they were given a placebo.


Of course, this research focused on the substance caffeine itself and not specifically on First Energy Gum. However, that doesn't mean it's any less true. Whether you absorb it through a cup of coffee or an energy gum, 80 mg caffeine is 80 mg caffeine. The unique advantage of FIRST is that it gets absorbed 5 times faster than other caffeinated products. So if you need energy now, you chew FIRST!


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