If there’s one thing the Dutch love, it’s starting the day with a cup of coffee. Apart from liking the flavour, the energizing effect of caffeine is an important aspect of this. Your veins open up wider, your heart beats faster, and you feel extra energized. Excited to start the day! Apart from giving you the extra energy to keep you moving, it appears caffeine can also help you lose weight. Not a bad effect!


Fat burning
It almost sounds too good to be true, losing weight as a result of absorbing caffeine into your system. But if you think about it, it makes sense since caffeine makes your heart beat faster. We can hear you think; Is this good for you? For persons looking to lose weight, this is a good thing for sure. It makes sure your body uses more energy. Of course, this won’t make a difference if you don’t pay attention to your calorie intake at the same time. In the end, weight loss revolves around burning more calories than you eat. However, combining a healthy diet with caffeine will cause an increase in fat burning. 


Caffeine boosts your stamina and has a positive effect on your overall shape. Working out more and longer will cause your body to activate its burning mode. This means you can run, cycle, row, and/or work for longer amounts of time without exhausting your body. 


Fat burning
Because you are able to train longer, especially your fatty acids will be used as an energy source. Fats ensure a lengthy and slow release of energy, whereas carbohydrates create extra energy quickly. By burning fat, your body has more energy than it can use.


Heightened metabolism and a decrease in appetite
Finally, caffeine stimulates the metabolism and decreases your appetite. Although it is not a meal replacement, caffeine can stimulate thermogenesis, which temporarily causes a decrease in appetite. According to research published in the ‘International Journal of Epidemiology’, which studied the nutritional habits of 93,000 persons, the subjects who reported a higher caffeine intake, showed fewer signs of obesity and a reduced risk of diabetes type 2. 


It is however important to note that this weight loss is linked to pure caffeine (this research used black coffee) and not too sugary frappuccinos or energy drinks. These products tend to have the opposite effect on your weight. Hidden calories in soft drinks can lead to an increase in weight and insulin levels. It is therefore smart to keep track of your intake and look for small improvements that can make a difference. 

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